My friends call me NiChi or Chono, I'm 23 years old, from Austria.
my best treats: crazy, communicative, freaky, sarcastic, bitchy, loveable ♥ and one of a hell fierce friend#

I Love: fangirling, music, singing, movies, reading, writing and meeting friends. actors and actresses (Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Kate Moennig,Lauren Graham, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera...)

Fandoms: Glee, Qaf, TLW, Lots, Harry Potter, HimyM, Twilight, Gilmore Girls, The O.C, Night Huntress Series, BoysLove Manga(Shonen Ai)....

Ships: (Glee love-ships and friendships) Klaine, Bartie, Samcedes, Brittana, Partie, PucKurt, Kurtcedes, Furt...
(Qaf) Brian/Justin, Emmett/Ted, Melanie/Lindsay
(TLW) Shane/Carmen; Shane/Alice, Alice/Dana
(Lots) Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Leo
(Gilmore Girls) Lorelai/Luke, Rory/Jess, Rory/Logan, Lane/Dave

I'm a massive shipper, total nerd, obsessed with fandoms, far to childish for my own good but flatter myself knowing that I also have a very grown-up side :)

Music: Rock, Punkrock, Pop-Punk, Soundtracks, Musicals, RnB, Folkrock...

13th December 2011

Video with 9 notes

words left me when the video started… x’D

Youtube trolling and gifs by someone else brought me to that awesome vid xD

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